Public Crime & Corruption #387-388

According to LA County DA Steve Cooley, Los Angeles has a long history of corruption, and because his office is doing such a good job prosecuting corruption, it appears that we still have a lot of it. Asked why the three strikes law is not applied to illegal aliens who are arrested, convicted and deported multiple times, Cooley stated “we don’t treat them any different from any other citizen.

L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley defended his decision not to indict or to call a Grand Jury investigation on Belmont. He said there was no evidence of any crime and that former Special Assistant District Attorney Anthony Patchett and the LAUSD Inspector General had failed to name any names or ask for indictments. When asked if it was a crime for the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers to represent both the LAUSD and the Belmont Contractor/Developer, Cooley said that the LAUSD may have unwittingly signed a waiver, absolving the law firm of conflict of interest.

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