Crime, Corruption, Terrorism & the LA Budget Crisis #403-404

With nearly 40 years experience, former Police Chief and current L. A. City Councilman Bernard Parks comments on the most corrupt mayoral administration since the era of recalled Mayor Shaw. In a two-part interview with Leslie Dutton Parks commented on the Federal and County Grand Jury investigations of corruption in the current administration of Mayor James Hahn. Saying that he could not recall when the Mayor’s office had been under such intense scrutiny for issues such as pay-to-play and campaign law violations.

Parks also covered the conflicting assessments of Mayor Hahn and Police Chief William Bratton. He explains why the LAPD improvement reports are cosmetic, a the result of changing definitions and the City’s 4 major issues of traffic, crime, jobs and education.

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L.A. CITY $300 MILLION DEFICIT BY JUNE 30, 2005  Part 2 Taped 8-12-04

Los Angeles, CA — In an alarming wake-up call Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, chair of the Council Budget Committee, predicted that unless all spending is brought under control only an increase in taxes will prevent a $300 million budget shortfall by June 30, 2005. Commenting on part-two of an interview with Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure host Leslie Dutton. Parks said that if spending continues at the current rate, revenue increases from sales tax, business tax and property taxes will be necessary.

Parks noted the recent Council vote banning big retail developments is sending the wrong message, that big retail businesses should take their sales tax out of town. He also acknowledged the Council vote was influenced by labor unions who opposed non-union businesses. He said that the union influence often results in a vote, contrary to the better interest of the city. And he pointed out that like any special interest group the unions have a narrow perspective that promotes their own agenda.

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