CBS Veteran Debunks “Right Wing” Claim of News Bias #441-442

“Polling shows great support and (public) belief in the way the American press does its job” and claims to the contrary are coming from a “right wing” perception that is promoted by folks like Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center, according to former CBS News correspondent, Professor Murray Fromson, of the USC Annenberg School of Communications. Fromson was interviewed on the Full Disclosure Network® , October 28, 2005.

Professor Fromson a long time friend and associate of television legends Walter Cronkite, Eric Severeid and Dan Rather, also debunked the term “media bias” in comments made in this two-part, hour-long interview on the Full Disclosure Network® to be featured on 40 cable systems and the internet over the next six weeks. Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton asked Professor Fromson to respond to video clips from a previous interview with media critic Brent Bozell.

As a former Vietnam War news correspondent, Fromson related his personal experience and compared it to U. S. efforts in Iraq saying “we are not going to bring Democracy to Iraq..not in our lifetime”
He minimized (Internet) bloggers as media watch dogs, saying “they have no journalist training and their reliability is suspect.”

He denied that journalists in the media were ideologs citing they are trained not to be emotional.
Reporters and journalists are one in the same and it is acceptable for them to participate in news analysis on stories that they have written.

It is the role of government to balance out the inequities. Differences between the political left and right spring from the Mc Carthy era where “lefties” “liberals” “Communists” and “Socialists” were singled out for “holding views different from the existing government.”

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