Cardinal Mahony’s Latino Agenda? #VB25

VideoBlog25 ChurchLos Angeles, CA. The Full Disclosure Network™ presents a six minute Video News Blog containing exclusive video clips from interviews withCardinal Roger MahonyFernando Guerra, Ph.D Loyola Marymount University and former California Senator Dick Mountjoy debating illegal immigration and Latino activism.

Cardinal Roger Mahony: Describes his ideas on how to discourage Mexican and Central American immigrants from coming to the United States illegally. He describes his views on providing for the needs of illegal immigrants and more.

Fernando Guerra, Ph.D: As the Director of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University, he commented on how Cardinal Mahony has activated the Catholic Church’s role in the public policy arena. He also describes the motivating factors behind the Catholic “Latino” agenda.

Calif. Senator Dick Mountjoy (ret): Strongly disagrees with the suggestion that Latinos will follow political dictates of a (Catholic Church) that has a “liberal agenda”.

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