District Attorney Corruption?: Two Views on DA Cooley’s Record #515-516

Los Angeles, CA Is it a coincidence that it has been almost 20 years, since the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office prosecuted a big dollar, white collar crime? Or could it be there are no more big corruption cases or major crimes committed by powerful and prominent people in Los Angeles?

In a Full Disclosure Network® two-part series Steve Ipsen, President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (L. A. County) and Albert Robles, Constitutional Attorney who serves as an elected member of the So. California Water Replenishment Board both contend that corruption is alive and well in Los Angeles County. These two challengers running against Cooley in the June 2008 election, point out that the current DA has refused to prosecute the rich and powerful while successfully lobbying for a $55,000 pay raise bringing his salary to $292,300, making him one of the highest-paid government officials anywhere.


Preview (7:30 min)

Segment #1 (8 min)
Candidates provide background on their careers and qualifications. They present a summary of issues for why they are running against the Incumbent DA Steve Cooley.


Segment #2 (8 min)
Candidates discuss why Steve Cooley is not participating in the U. S. Department of Justice Gang Initiative and address the following issues:

  • DA non-action policy on deporting illegal alien gang members
  • Mexican Drug Cartels in City of Cudahy
  • Impact of Criminal Defense lobby on DA prosecution policies
  • DA Cooley’s campaign contributions from Criminal Defense lobby


Segment #3 (8 min)
Candidates describe the failures and demoralization of the DA’s office, and of DA Investigators as bodyguards and chauffeurs for questionable personal activities.


Segment #4 (8 min)
Both candidates noted the following:

  • DA’s refusal to prosecute pedophile priests in the Catholic Church
  • DA’s non-prosecution policies of powerful people, i.e. Board of Supervisors
  • Called DA’s pay raise “payback” for looking the other way.
  • Ethics Violation: Cooley called Jury members “stupid” following the Blake Verdict


Segment #5 (8 min)
Candidates detail issue where there is Corruption in the DA’s office:

  • Belmont Learning Center scandal
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys influence
  • DA disbanded environmental crimes unit
  • Manipulated cases by transfer of expert Deputies


Segment #6 (8 min)
Video disclosure of how DA Investigators were used to conduct an unofficial and unauthorized investigation. Candidates describe DA’s failure to investigate MacArthur Park beatings gross negligence at Martin Luther King Hospital.

Challengers Quotes on DA Cooley’s record:

Steve Ipsen:
“The corruption that exists in the county that I’m aware of, that I can state here today is with the District Attorney’s office.”

“This DA doesn’t deserve to be paid when he isn’t doing his job.”

Albert Robles:
“He has refused to prosecute the pedophiles and child molesters that work and still work in the Catholic Church”.

“Steve Cooley takes untold amounts of money from the criminal defense sector”.

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