California Environmental Politics Versus Economic Disaster #576-577

Proposition 23 versus AB 32 Global Warming Solutions Act
Environmental Politics Segment #1 Part 1 (8 min)
Alex Alexiev a public policy and national security expert explains why AB 32 would bring economic disaster to California. Jesse Marquez who serves on the Environmental Justice Committee for Implementation of AB32. This is the first of a four part series, where each side is featured in separate segments explaining the issue and their perspective.

Are Environmental Politics An Assault on American Free Enterprise System?
Segment 2 Part 1 (8 min)
Alex Alexiev, describes California’s history and failed experiment with renewable energy programs back in the Carter administration. Back in the 1970’s the Oil Embargo generated a push for solar and windmill energy along with creating tax breaks for producers. Alex says all it did was create tax shelters for the wealthy, describing it as economic folly. He says that government gets involved in our free enterprise system, the command man suffers.

Big Government vs Free Market Divides Capitalists
Environmental Politics Segment 3 Part 1 ( 8 min)
Alex Alexiev and Jesse Marquez debate what the extreme environmental agenda is trying to do. Are they trying to diminish the power and influence of the Free Market by pitting big government against capitalism. Alexiev says the crony capitalists are part of an elite group that is transferring wealth from consumers who pay high prices for subsidized products while lining the pockets of the wealthy.

Renewable Energy Subsidies + High Consumer Costs=?
Environmental Politics Segment #4, Part 2 (8 min)
Renewable Energy Subsidies=Welfare For The Rich+High Cost Fuel according to Alex Alexiev, public policy and national security expert. By subsidizing production of sugar, cotton, ethanol prices to the consumer become distorted and costly.

European Country Subsidies For Renewable Energy Failed?
Environmental Politics Segment 5 Part 2. (8 min)
Alex Alexiev points out that Europe is no model for the renewable energy programs. After paying 9 times the market price with a guaranteed subsidy for 20 years both Germany and Spain are now trying to cut the subsidies that are likely to lead to the eventual collapse of the solar industry. Alexiev says the exorbitant rates are nothing more than a FREE LUNCH for the renewable energy producers.

Environmental Politics Destroying American Way of Life?
Segment 6 Part 2 (8 min)
Environment politics and Crony Capitalism. Alex Alexiev public policy expert describes how countries who adopt the renewable energy subsidies will cause a huge spike in energy costs and diminish the ability of our country to compete. . He urges a Yes Vote on Proposition 23 even though it is poorly written and should have tackle the problem straight on by nullifying Global Solutions Act (AB 32) instead of being a “stop gap” temporary solution.

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