Cost Of Courage, The Story Of Richard I Fine #585-587

Segment # 1 – Judicial Abuse Of Power
Dr. Richard I Fine describes his battle with the California Justice System and why Judge David Yaffe jailed him indefinitely to solitary “coercive confinement” for civil contempt of Court. Features excerpts from FDN’s interview with Fine on March 3, 2009, the day before he was jailed for refusing to obey Judge Yaffe’s orders in protest of Calfiornia Judicial Corruption.

Segment # 2 – Jailers, Aclu & Judges Hamper Fight For Freedom
Retired LA Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Valdemar describes the difficult conditions in L A County Jail while Richard Fine, who holds a Ph.D, in international law is furiously fighting to win his freedom by filing legal actions in Federal Court from his jail cell. Judicial officials & ACLU ignore the Court Rules to keep Fine in jail.

Segment # 3 – Volunteers Report Missing Documents
Subtrifuge in the courts is noted by volunteers helping Richard Fine, where important legal documents they filed for him turned up missing or were manipulated. The Justice system, he says, seemed determined to punish him for daring to challenge the corruption.

Segment # 4 – Lawsuit Against Sheriff To Gain Jail Interview
Full Disclosure was blocked from interviewing Richard Fine in jail until Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit to force the Sheriff to grant FDN First Amendment Rights: “Freedom of the Press”. 30 Days after the Federal lawsuit was filed, the Sheriff caved in. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore explains. Richard Fine describes the jail conditions to FDN.

Segment # 5 – Sheriff Blocks Prisoner Legal Defense
FDN’s jailhouse interview reveals how Judges orchestrated the persecution of political prisoners like Richard Fine, with the help of Sheriff Baca . In the interview Fine exposes the reasons why the judges were so determined to retaliate and why a lawsuit had to be filed to gain access to to the prisoner who had never been charged or convicted of a crime.

Segment # 6 – Citizens Stage Protest At Courthouse
Word spread about the plight of Richard Fine, LA’s political prisoner sparking a court house protest that was ignored by the mainstream media. Senate Bill SBX2 11 was emergency legislation passed by the California State Legislure in February 2009 to give retroactive Criminal immunity to the Judges and Government officials that had been accused of corrupting the Judicial and Court system by Richard Fine.

Segment # 7 – Judges Bribed By County Officials?
Judicial Watch public interest lawsuit (Sturgeon vs County of L.A.) held that the County payments to Judges were illegal, The payment of $350 million was a misappropriation of public funds that were never reported by the Judges who are all elected officials, to the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Segment # 8 – Judges Obstructing Justice & Democracy?
Richard Fine describes why no one can win a lawsuit against L. A. County and how the Judges decide cases impacting the democratic election process pointing to the court overturning the popular “Term Limit” initiative for L.A. Supervisors, Sheriff, District Attorney, Tax Assessor, etc. Richard Fine claims that Senate Bill SBX2 11 does not provide Judicial Immunity from criminal prosecution when a Judge is involved in obstructing justice.

Segment # 9 – Persecution Or “retaliation”?
Judge David Yaffe ordered solitary “coercive confinement” for Richard Fine to discourage other lawyers from speaking out on Judicial/Court Corruption. Judge Yaffe and his lawyers defended the practice of “coercive confinement in their court filings to keep Richard Fine in jail.”

Segment # 10 – Richard Fine Is Freed
Commenting on Judge Yaffe’s sudden reversal of his own Order, Richard Fine explains why he refused to obey the Court Order of Judge Yaffe. He also reflects on the prospects of restoring the integrity to our Judicial System.

Segment # 11 – Fraud Upon The Court
Richard Fine describes Judicial Obstruction of Justice is at the heart of the problem perpetrated by County Officials, Judges and State Bar Association and he points out that Attorneys fear they can be disbarred, like he was, if they try to fight Judicial corruption. When Yaffe finally released Richard Fine, his Order stated his reason why Fine had been incarcerated for 18 months, “to deter other lawyers from challenging Judicial actions.”

Segment # 12 – Is California Judicial Corruption Reversible?
What is the future for justice in California? Fine hopes that judicial corruption can be reversed. He says the retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution for Judges and County Officials was given…. was limited by (Senate Bill SBX2 11) and now there is a Congressional move for oversight of the Judiciary as Congress has stepped up to impeach corrupt Judge Porteous from Louisana for the same crimes. It appears there hope for reform in the California system.

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