Richard I Fine: Seeking a “Clean Judge” In L. A. County To Hear His Motion

Los Angeles, CA The Superior Court “shake up” over the conflict caused by L A County’s Double Benefits paid to elected State Superior Court Judges continues. Five of the 430 State Superior Court Judges who are elected to hold office in L A County either recused or were “Disqualified” from hearing a Motion filed by former U. S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. Fine served 18 months in solitary “Coercive Confinement” in L A County Jail for civil contempt of Court in the case of Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Assn. vs. County of Los Angeles after attempting to disqualify Judge David P. Yaffe who had admitted in Court testimony that he was taking money from the county while he was not employed or under contract with the county.

Richard Fine told the Full Disclosure Network the definition of a “Disqualified Judge” is any judge who has accepted money from other than their employer in this case the County of Los Angeles who is also a party to the case.” Here is the motion filed by Richard Fine that includes the citations whereby a Disqualified judge has no right to sit on a case and issue Orders.

Because Judge David P. Yaffe refused to step down after he was Disqualified and instead issued Orders from the bench after admitting in Court testimony that he was receiving payments from the County Richard Fine’s motion is asking the Court to declare all of Judge Yaffe’s Orders in the Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association vs. County of L.A. to be Null and Void. This would include Yaffe’s Order to remand Richard Fine into custody of the L. A. County Sheriff.

Richard I Fine’s scheduled hearing before Judge Elihu Berle for Thursday, March 10, 2011 was mysteriously aborted. His Motion to Null and Void all Judge Yaffe’s Orders in the Marina case was scuttled by yet another nervous judge. Judge Berle disappeared and the Court notified Fine his motion was moved off calendar on Friday, March 4, 2001 by Superior Court Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl(pictured left) Read the Order here. Richard Fine responded by filing this Noticedeclaring Judge Kuhl’s actions had violated the Judicial Ethics Canons 2A, 3E(1) and (2) and 4D(1) and an Obstruction of Justice when she removed the hearing from the calendar as she was Disqualified from taking any action due to her having taken money from the County. Based on the payments to all Judges over the past 24 years Fine estimated that both Judge Kuhl and her husband have received at a minimum $700,000 each in illegal payments from the County Controller’s Report here. 

Upon his release from jail Richard I. Fine began to research the extent of County payments to the individual State Superior Court Judges and was provided with the following information from the county records on five judges so far where his Motion had been scheduled for hearing. All five judges are disqualified due to having taken the money from L A County. They are:

Judge David P. Yaffe $850,000.00
Judge Ann I. Jones $500,000.00 (estimate)
Judge Robert O’Brien $270,000.00
Judge Elihu Berle $660,000.00
Judge Carolyn B Kuhl $1,600,000.00 Estimate includes husband Superior Court Judge Wm. Foster Highberger

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