Special Series: “The Rule of Law” and “The Prosecutor & The Presidency

The Prosecutor & The Presidency" Forum
“The Prosecutor & The Presidency” Forum, Washington D.C. 2000

Here is a nine minute video preview from the FULL DISCLOSURE®  series “The Rule of Law” and “The Prosecutor & The Presidency” that was produced on location in various broadcast television production facilities across the nation. This special series features video clips from twelve hours of individual interviews produced in 1999and  clips from the two hour forum, documenting the cataclysmic struggle among the most powerful American men and women who shaped domestic political policy as they investigated the Presidency from Watergate to Whitewater and beyond video taped at Atlantic Video Studios in 2000 in Washington D. C.

Individual interviews, conducted by Leslie Dutton, were videotaped with all but one of the U. S. Attorneys General and Special and Independent Prosecutors who were involved in Presidential investigations. The series recorded for history the thoughts and recollections of the presidential investigations over the past thirty years.

Following completion of the first ten interviews, Full Disclosure Network® hosted a videotaped two-hour Forum in Washington D.C. on March 6, 2000. Highlighting the Forum were video clips from Dutton’s interviews with former U. S. Attorneys General Elliot Richardson, Richard Kleindienst, which were the last interviews before their deaths in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

The series continues as Full Disclosure Network® plans the next interviews with Federal elected and appointed officials entrusted with Constitutional oversight, intended to deter abuse of power in the Office of the Presidency.



1-29-99 Edwin Meese, III Century Cable, Santa Monica, CA
2-19-99 Judge Lawrence Walsh Fox Studio, Oklahoma City
4-19-99 Archibald Cox Boston University
4-20-99 Richard Thornburgh Natl. Press Bldg., Wash D.C
4-20-99 Elliot Richardson Natl. Press Bldg., Wash D.C.
8-10-99 Richard Kleindienst KUTP-TV, Phoenix AZ
8-23-99 Edwin Meese, III Howard University Wash D.C.
8-23-99 Benjamin Civiletti Howard University, Wash D.C.
8-23-99 Robert Fiske, Jr. Howard University, Wash D.C.
11-1-99 Judge Robert Bork Natl. Press Bldg.  Wash D.C.
11-1-99 Judge Kenneth Starr Natl. Press Bldg., Wash D.C.
4-12-00 Judge Shirley Hufstedler World Television, Los Angeles

Forum:  March 6, 2000 Atlantic Video, Washington D.C.

Bob Woodward, Journalist/Author; Chesterfield Smith, Pres. ABA 73-74; Judge Shirley Hufstedler, (Carter Administration); Hon. Edwin Meese, III, Hon. Richard Thornburgh  (Iran-Contra); Judge Lawrence Walsh, Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra); Judge Kenneth Starr, Independent Counsel (Whitewater/Lewinsky); Robert B. Fiske,  Independent Counsel (Whitewater);  Joe DiGenova, Independent Prosecutor (Passportgate); Christopher Schroeder, Acting Asst. Attorney General (Clinton); Craig Gillen, Chief Deputy Prosecutor (Iran-Contra); on video tape:  Judge Robert Bork, Hon. Elliot Richardson,Hon. Richard Kleindienst, and Professor Archibald Cox.

Full Disclosure Network covers in-depth issues mostly ignored by mainstream media.

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