ACLU Collides with the First Amendment #629

Judicial Watch is suing the Los Angeles Police Department to force them to follow California State Law, which requires the police to impound vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers LAPD Chief Beck has instituted Special Order 7, which defies state law. Now the ACLU has piled on against Judicial Watch in an attempt to be awarded extraordinary legal fees by helping the City defeat Judicial Watch. Paul Orfanedes, the Director of Litigation for Judicial Watch was interviewed just after he had come from court where he was successful in stopping the award of legal fees to the ACLU based on First Amendment protections. Now he is confident that he can win his lawsuit against the City. Here’s our


Segment #1

Paul Orfanedes, the Director of Litigation of Judicial Watch is engaging in a big fight with the Los Angeles Police Department. Judicial Watch has filed suit against LAPD Chief Beck who has instituted Special Order 7, which defies state laws that requires police to impound vehicles of unlicensed drivers. Now the ACLU has joined the City to fight the lawsuit by Judicial Watch in an unusual alliance. ACLU is representing LA Voice and CHIRLA, two radical Latino organizations who want to protect unlicensed drivers from having their vehicles impounded. The ACLU is not representing American citizens who get caught driving without a license but they are specifically representing illegal aliens who are unlicensed drivers from having their vehicle impounded by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Segment 2

Why is the ACLU making a special effort to protect only illegal immigrants from vehicle seizures by the Los Angeles Police Department? Judicial Watch was in court to stop the judge from awarding legal fees to the ACLU in case they didn’t prevail in their lawsuit against the City. As Paul Orfanedes explains, this is purely a First Amendment protection to allow people to petition their government without fear of punitive legal fees if they are not successful.

Segment 3

Since the LA Police Chief is now a political position appointed by the mayor, the chief must support the mission and goals of the mayor. Mayor Villaraigosa has long been a proponent of making Los Angeles a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and Chief Beck is willing to abrogate state law to please his boss. This is another marked example of the further erosion of the Rule of Law.

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