Is Dept. of Homeland Security a Terrorist Organization? #VB116

Federal Customs Agent Whistle-blower Persecuted
Federal Customs Agent Whistle-blower Persecuted

Los Angeles, CA   Here is a short preview of a two-part Full Disclosure Network series covering how the Department of Homeland Security terrorized a Federal Border Enforcement Officer who reported to the FBI Joint Task Force on Terrorism, the unscreened, illegal entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries.  Julia Davis discovered the illegal entries occurred when the interrogation unit at the San Ysidro Port of Entry was completely shut down on the 4th of July, a designated “High Terror Alert”  date thus preventing any screening, fingerprinting, or identification as to who they were.  Julia describes the horror that took place when DHS went into protective mode to keep the incident from becoming public.  She became the target for having exposed what looks more and more like a coordinated plot by government authorities to facilitate the illegal entry of people from terrorist countries for unknown reasons.   (To enlarge linked documents use Cntrl +)

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