Two Jewish Deputy Sheriffs Blow Whistle On Sheriffs Baca And Tanaka

Sheriff's Under Fire Baca Tanaka

Sheriffs Baca, Tanaka Under Fire:
Jewish Officers Rights At Stake
Federal Lawsuit Exposes Jail Horror!

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Los Angeles, CA  In April this year, Sheriff Baca and Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka  were named in this  Verified Civil Rights Complaint filed by two Jewish Deputies, Michael Rathbun and James Sexton who claimed that Tanaka and Sheriff Baca and various other LASD Deputies, Detectives, Lieutenant denied them their First Amendment rights and Constitutional protections when they were subjected to threats, intimidation and retaliation for doing their job. Immediately Tanaka shot back with a Motion to Dismiss, claiming that Rathbun and Sexton were not members of a “protected class” therefore they did not warrant First Amendment Protections under the law. This prompted the filing of a First Amended Complaint that describes both Sexton and Rathbun as “Jewish”  which had not been noted in the original filing.

Operation Safe Jails (OSJ)

The Deputies Sexton and Rathbun have alleged it was primarily Tanaka’s and Sheriff Baca’s responsibility to protect them from intimidation, physical threats and retaliation for doing their job as part of ” Operation Safe Jails” (OSJ) because they are whistle-blowers. According to the complaint, OSJ’s primary role is gang intelligence gathering with the objective of preventing facility violence between rival gangs, inmates or different races and the influence of prison gangs in the inmate population.  Sexton and Rathbun had been assigned to the OSJ  program where they were protecting an undercover FBI informant.

Deputy Gangs and Inmate Gangs All In Jail Together!
However, in their complaint, they describe extreme harassment and physical threats by other Sheriff’s personnel such as Deputies, Detectives, a Lieutenant, and even gang members both sworn Deputies and inmates and the complaint states they were labeled “Snitches”  for a confidential memorandum that was leaked internally and placed them in jeopardy.  All of this was Under Sheriff Tanaka’s operations, the complaint states. The complaint describes the gangs of Deputies within the jails working the inmate gangs and goes on to cite  Tanaka’s own gang affiliation a Gang of Deputies known as the “Vikings”, who are easily identified by their tattoos.

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