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638-2 Julia

Julia Davis, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer, and her husband, movie producer BJ Davis, tell the harrowing story that began on the Fourth of July when performing her job, she was targeted as a Whistleblower and Domestic Terrorist by the DHS. BJ Davis describes their desperate situation as standing in the shadow of Goliath, trying to rely on the legal system. BJ, a stuntman for 25 years, second unit director, and head of Fleur de Lis Studios said they’ve made a movie about their experience, “Top Priority: Terror From Within,” that received critical acclaim in the foreign market, but a mix of support and fear from industry insiders. Julia describes the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (SB 743) signed by President Obama in 2012, saying it was a start, with one or two good elements, but describes it as useless window dressing. She points out that it doesn’t cover national security whistleblowers at all, it takes away even more whistleblower’s rights and gives more power to existing gatekeepers in dismissing cases summarily.

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