Olmsted: The 2014 Jail Reform Candidate Pt 2 #659

LA County Sheriff Lawsuits Cost Millions
This is segment #4 of 6.   Misbehavior by rogue deputies is costing the Sheriff’s Department hundreds of millions of dollars and according to Sheriff Candidate, Bob Olmsted is entirely due to mismanagement of the Department under Sheriff Leroy Baca. Missing money from the Sheriffs Special Funds was reported by the County Auditor-Controller due to deviated procedures. Olmsted has pledged to seek a forensic audit of the funds and says that other candidates supported by Baca will only protect the corruption.


Jails & Sheriff Politics On Concealed Carry Weapons CCW’s
This is segment #5 of 6.   The politics of CCW’s and Jail Construction is creating concern for potential abuse of power and influence. Sheriffs have used the CCW permit process to garner political support and political donations. Bob Olmsted describes his policy toward CCW’s and what he would do if he is elected Sheriff of Los Angeles County. He describes the process he will use to screen applicants and to assure they are competent to carry a weapon. Also, he discusses the jail overcrowding problem.


Sheriff Politics: Political Endorsements & Public Safety
This is Segment #6 of 6.   Bob Olmsted describes how to hold the next Sheriff accountable. He outlines his “Reform Plan” that states exactly what he will do to reform the department. He compares the record of Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell who wants to be Sheriff and who whose own department had 22 officer-involved shootings last year resulting in unnecessary deaths and big lawsuits. He says that Sheriff Baca’s support for Jim Helmold to succeed him as Sheriff is to cover up the misappropriation of funds. Again, he cites the Auditor-Controller report that showed missing funds and deviating reporting practices that lead to corruption.

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