LA DA’s Plot To Stop Latino Candidate From Sheriff’s Race

Cooley-McDonnell-Lacey-March Fundraiser

Prosecutors Show Support For L A Sheriff Candidate Jim Mc Donnell

The campaign for Sheriff of Los Angeles County stirring-up political power from the law enforcement establishment.  In March 2014 political powerhouse former DA  Steve Cooley and his hand-picked successor, Jackie Lacey took the lead by endorsing their candidate.  If the Prosecutors have their way, the pleasant and likable Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell will follow sixteen years of  Hispanic leadership of the LA County Sheriff’s Department that catapulted Sheriff Leroy Baca, into one the country’s most prominent Latino leaders.  It appears the LA law enforcement establishment is ready to return to Anglo leadership.

Former DA Steve Cooley, Chief Jim McDonnell, DA Jackie Lacey


Politics  “Theater” at Hollenbeck Sets Stage To Turn Tables On Latino Community
Observers feared that LA District Attorneys are concerned that Sheriff’s Candidate Lt. Patrick Gomez, the lone Hispanic in the race,  may take votes away from their “favored”  candidates as they blocked his participation in their Sheriff’s Candidate Forum.   The Forum was held in Boyle Heights on April 17th  where candidates traditionally come to court the Latino Community.   But this time they were shocked to learn that the only Latino candidate running for Sheriff was not allowed to speak in the debate.  According to Hispanic activist and  LA County Deputy District Attorney Richard Ceballos (Ceballos CV) who served as Co-Chair of the event, Lt. Patrick Gomez was not invited because he considered him not to be a “viable candidate.” When asked if the numerous ethnic prosecutor groups listed as “C0-Sponsors” on debate flyers had voted to exclude Gomez from the debate,  Ceballos said no, but the group representatives did. Full Disclosure’s Leslie Dutton invited Richard  Ceballos to explain on camera the reasons why he excluded Gomez, but he declined, citing he is an LA County District Attorney, in spite of the fact that his name was listed as Co-Chair of the event and introduced the chosen five candidates from the podium.
(Appearing in the photo above from left is Leslie Dutton, Deputy DA Richard Ceballos,  an anonymous staff member

648 Gomez

Candidate Patrick Gomez on FDN Video “Real Reasons Why  Sheriff Leroy Baca Resigned”

Lt. Patrick Gomez is running for Sheriff for the 3rd time.   In 2004 he received the overwhelming endorsement of ALADS, the nation’s largest law enforcement labor Union, and he was elected President of the Professional Peace Officers Association, the 2nd largest.  He made his mark during 31 years in the Department where for the last 12, years before retirement, he was the Chief Ethics Training Officer.  He has decried the double standard disciplinary practices whereby Supervisors and High Command are commonly known to be exempt from punishment or firings for wrongdoing.  He claims that environment has contributed to corruption in the Department and if elected he would institute disciplinary measures swiftly and fairly, across the board.

He waged a successful nine-year legal battle against Sheriff Baca, Under-Sheriff Larry Waldie,  and the County for illegal retaliation and violation of his First Amendment Rights to run for office and openly debate the Sheriff Department policies that resulted in a unanimous jury decision where all the jurors were polled and held that they did not believe one single witness for the Sheriff’s Department who testified against Gomez.  He was awarded $950,000 damages and a retroactive promotion.  You can watch this video on the “Terror Tactics” employed against him and his family during the long litigation.

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