Prosecutors Shun Latino Sheriff Candidate #VB128

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Caught On Video: LA District Attorneys are captured on video blocking the only Latino Sheriff Candidate from participating in a Sheriff’s community debate in Boyle Heights at the Hollenbeck Center held on April 17, 2014.   Debate Co-Chairs  Priscilla Hernandez and  Richard Ceballos turn the tables on their Latino community by excluding candidate Lt. Patrick Gomez (ret).   Full Disclosure Network®  presents this exclusive and revealing  12 min video and interview featuring Patrick Gomez who gives a first FDN a hand account of what happened as the debate was in progress.  The main sponsor of the event was the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) along with the Latino Prosecutors Association and six other “ethnic” prosecutors and legal groups: the Black Prosecutors, the Japanese Prosecutors,  Mexican American Bar Association,  Black Women Lawyers Association and Korean Prosecutors Association and Pacific-Asian Islander Prosecutors.

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