Quantitative Easing Now, Financial Pains Later #652-1

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Author G. Edward Griffin states that Quantitative Easing is a tricky word that sounds good, but is another way of creating money out of nothing and stealing from the taxpayers through inflation. He insists that to solve our financial problems, we shouldn’t look for solutions by asking the people who created them. Minerd believes that the Federal Reserve is facing a series of unprecedented challenges as a result of taking on unprecedented policies at the central bank, and he sees a serious issue regarding the control of future balance sheet expansion to avoid a monetary policy blunder. Minerd states that the Republic wasn’t destroyed by inflation between the 1950s and 1980s, and is still here. He is concerned that there is a high risk of stagflation in the long run, but it won’t be a problem in this decade. Griffin describes bankers and politicians as being too like-minded and sees them as con artists.

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