Baca & Tanaka: the Manipulators? #661-1

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Todd Rogers, Assistant Sheriff to LASD Sheriff Lee Baca, and candidate for Sheriff discloses that there’s evidence that Sheriff Lee Baca tried to influence the election after he resigned. He notes that Baca very actively raised funds for Commander James Hellmold, a close friend, and asked Rogers to drop out of the race at the eleventh hour and become Interim Sheriff. Rogers reveals that he was asked to give a contract to a towing company “friendly” with the Sheriff’s Department and that Tanaka and the Assistant Sheriff were supportive of that action. He said he refused, and admitted that many of the unethical behavior was not illegal, and therefore couldn’t be reported to higher or outside authorities. Rogers criticized Sheriff’s candidates Commander Robert Olmsted and Hellmold, for changing residences to be eligible to run for that office. He notes that he lives in Lakewood, and is a city official there.

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