Cost of Courage: Coming Attractions

After years of production, after years of fighting the Los Angeles Superior Courts, the Los Angeles Sheriff Department and all the bureaucracies involved, Full Disclosure is finishing the full-length documentary: “The Cost of Courage and Court Corruption.” This is a sordid tale of persecution of former US Prosecutor Richard I. Fine who discovered that the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges were receiving illegal double benefit payments from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. He accused Judge David Yaffee and, as a result of his impertinence, Judge Yaffee ordered him taken into custody for an indeterminate period of solitary confinement. No hearing, no trial, no sentence…just locked away for eighteen months. This is the story of how hard the judges worked to keep him in jail and how hard the Judges, the Courts, and the Sheriff worked to keep Full Disclosure from publicizing his plight.

Watch the Program Preview:


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