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International Journalists visit Full Disclosure

Pictured above are the foreign journalists attending FDN Presentation by Guest speaker Assistant LAPD Chief (ret) David Gascon (center) and FDN Secretary Lorraine Colich (Left), Executive Producer Leslie Dutton (right).


The International Visitors Council of Los Angeles & US State Department meeting with 24 journalists from foreign countries at the Full Disclosure Network studios in Marina del Rey.

Foreign Journalists get “The News Behind The News” in the USA

This visit was the last stop in a six-city Media Tour sponsored by the U. S. State Department to provide 24 foreign journalists first-hand exposure to the “New media and Traditional media” in the US. Hosted by the Full Disclosure Network, FDN is known as “The News Behind the News” in independent investigative news videos and reports.


Former Assistant Chief LAPD David Gascon was the face and voice of the Department during many notable and historic events in the aftermath of the LA Rodney King riots including the OJ Simpson arrest and trials.

Full Disclosure Network covers in-depth issues mostly ignored by mainstream media.

FDN is an electronic media and television service, tax-exempt under the IRS Code 501(c)(3) a non-profit educational organization program of the American Association of Women, founded in 1984.

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