Second Look: Baca vs Arpaio On Policing/Jails #VB36

Watch this short video from 2006 FDN is re-releasing from our interviews with Baca and Arpaio over the years.

What do Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca have in Common?

Both have been convicted of Crimes:

  • Baca was convicted of Criminal Obstruction of Justice of an FBI investigation looking at corruption in his jails.
  • Arpaio’s  conviction was for misdemeanor Contempt of Court (for arresting and detaining illegal aliens).

While Arpaio received a Presidential Pardon,  Sheriff Baca was convicted and has been denied bail twice while on appeal.At one time both Sheriffs claimed to have had the Toughest Jails in America.

The two claim to have the toughest Jail systems in America.

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