CBS War Correspondent Dies

Journalist defends the Right to be Left

Full Disclosure® interviewed CBS War Correspondent Murray Fromson about his illustrious career in journalism.  As a print and broadcast journalist he worked for NBC for 6 years before he moved to CBS.

He joined the USC and became a professor at the USC Annenberg School of Communications for 25 years, serving as the Director of the Journalism program.

In 2005 Full Disclosure® interviewed Professor Fromson asking him about the world-class journalists and Pulitzer Prize winning authors that he associated with during his career. And we queried him about about the future of investigative journalism and ethics in the media which provoked some harsh words for those who he called “Media motor-mouths”.

Fromson is a well recognized fighter for The First Amendment Rights and Freedom of the Press.  He was a founding member of the Reporters Committee during the Vietnam era. Journalist Fromson also fought for the rights of the radical activist groups such as the Black Panthers.

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