LA’s Traffic Gridlock Disaster

Los Angeles, CA – Ordinary Citizens, Giants of Industry, Public and Civil Servants provide their perspective in this ongoing series that explores the cause and development of L A’s reputation for having the worst traffic gridlock in the nation. In spite of billions of dollars of taxpayer funds having been pledged and spent over decades, solutions to the gridlock problem have proved to be elusive, while conflicting strategies continue to confound city fathers.

This on-going series can be viewed HERE.


  1. Cost of Traffic Congestion – 10/23/2018
    Money Down a Rathole
  2. Is Over-Development a Problem? – 11/6/2018
    Are Developers Causing Traffic Gridlock
  3. Why is Measure M Doomed to Failure – 11/20/2018
  4. Money Wasted – 12/4/2018
    Transportation Bureaucrats Burning Billions
  5. What the Professionals Are Planning? – 12/18/2018
  6. LA Metro Creating Gridlock – 1/1/2019
  7. Why is the Problem Never Solved? – 1/8/2019
    Intentional Gridlock is Permanently Planned
  8. What’s Wrong with LA? – 1/15/2019
    LA’s Traffic Madness
  9. Events & Disasters – 1/22/2019
  10. The Thomas Plan – 1/29/2019
    Stuck in Traffic Remedy?
  11. Politicians – 2/5/2019
    Traffic Pipe Dreams
  12. Metro Monster – 2/12/2019
  13. LA’s Traffic Woes – 2/19/2019
  14. Cal-Trans: Model of Inefficiency – 2/26/2019

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