Los Angeles, CA. In what could only be characterized as a “Budget Buster Bond” all California taxpayers will be providing matching funds for a $3.95 billion L.A. Unified School District bond measure on the 2005 November ballot, if passed by the voters. The proposed bond is addressed in a seven-minute video blog which will start streaming from the Full Disclosure Network™ website on Monday, August 29th, 2005.

Featured in the Full Disclosure™ video blog are:

  • David Tokofsky LAUSD School Board Member who defends how the $3.95 billion bond is to be used along with his proposed “Parcel Tax”.
  • Steve Cooley L. A. County District Attorney describes the LAUSD history on the Belmont Learning Complex project as “The worst public works disaster in the history of the country, for school construction”
  • Don Mullinax, as LAUSD Inspector General cited the District’s failure to implement his recommendations for an “Ethics Training Program” for some 80,000 LAUSD employees as a major problem.
  • Roger Carrick Special Legal Counsel to the Inspector General cites the vast amounts waste, fraud and abuse found in the LAUSD Belmont investigations.

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