Los Angeles, CA. FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® presents a five minute Video News Blog covering the controversial civil rights attorney Stephen Yagman who claims to be a 20 year friend of U.S. Judge Steven V. Wilson who presided over the Federal trial where Yagmanwas convicted of 19 counts of tax evasion and fraud earlier this year.

This five minute video reveals: the fact Judge Wilson recently dismissed six out of 19 counts of tax evasion and fraud after the jury found Yagman guilty on all counts and features Loyola Law School Professor Stanley Goldman who provides legal background and commentary. The Court Order, issued by Judge Wilson on August 17, 2007 was never reported in the mainstream media, nor was it posted on the U. S. Attorney’s website along with a usual press release. This extraordinary development was only found on the www.patterico.comwebsite.

Conflict of Interest? The 2001 video clip of Stephen Yagmandescribing his friendship with Judge Wilson, raises questions as to whether or not their friendship posed a conflict or if it had been properly disclosed to the prosecutors.

Following the online video, viewers are asked to vote in an opinion poll on the following questions:

  1. Do you think that Judge Wilson should have recused himself from the trial of his friend Stephen Yagman? Yes or no.
  2. Do you think the media and the press deliberately did not report Judge Wilson’s acquittal of several counts againstYagman? Yes or no.
  3. Are there sufficient checks and balances in the judicial systems to assure judicial integrity? Yes or no.


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