Los Angeles, CA. A growing number of Sheriff’s and Police Officials have joined the debate over Concealed Weapon Permits (CCW) as shown in an eight minute Full Disclosure™ Video News Blog featuring high ranking sheriffs and police officials of the Western United States.

Featured in the video are Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County AZ), LAPD Chief William Bratton, Police Lt. Don Meredith (Glendale, Calif.) L. A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca, Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, L. A. County Sheriff Captain Ray Leyva, L. A. County Captain Ken Masse (ret), and L. A. County Sheriff Sergeant Paul Jernigan offering their strong opinions, pro and con on the need to issue CCW (concealed carry weapon) permits.

Sheriffs Sergeant Paul Jernigan stressed the need for citizens to defend themselves in times of civil unrest, citing the L. A. riots of 1992 where police and sheriffs were unable to protect citizens and their businesses. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio goes one step further announcing his new policy, making it mandatory for all his Deputies to carry concealed weapons off duty, instructing them to use if necessary.

Some of these law enforcement officials make compelling arguments in favor of issuing more CCWs and emphasizing the need to have a “right to carry” state policies. Others, defended the need to strictly control, with penalties, citizen access to fire arms.

The Video News Blog provides a striking contrast in between attitudes in Arizona and California law enforcement policies regarding Concealed Weapon Permits (CCWs).

It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in California without a permit. Permits are issued by the local Sheriff or Police Chief. The criteria for obtaining a CCW permit is based upon the local official law enforcement official’s own policy. In most of the United States “right to carry” laws have been enacted.

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