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Segment 3: Julia Davis, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer, and her husband, producer BJ Davis, tell the harrowing story that began on the Fourth of July, 2004 when she followed the rules of her job, and reported 23 people from terrorist countries crossing the border into the U.S, leading to her being targeted as a whistleblower by the Department of Homeland Security. Julia a naturalized citizen, said she was branded as a domestic terrorist for doing her job, and that the government bypassed the U.S. Constitutional rights guaranteed to all Americans by accusing her of paying her husband of 20 years to marry her and trying to deport her. She said The Patriot Act was used for warrantless surveillance of her and her family. Julia describes numerous other false charges against her, and how a chief judge wanted to dismiss all charges against her but was opposed by the government.

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