Los Angeles, CA. — Major political powers are using the U.S. Justice system to attain political goals because they are unable to enact legislation to promote their agenda. According to former U. S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, III, these forces are making an “end run” around elected representatives by using the judicial appointment process to win controversial and ideological court decisions rather than interpreting laws.

In a two-part interview on the Full Disclosure Network® cable and Internet television program, the former U. S. Attorney General in the Reagan Administration, told Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton that activist judges in the U.S. Courts are expanding their roles by taking over state and local functions, operating state prisons, school boards and mental institutions. He noted the Courts are not suited or qualified for this activity and it causes confusion as to who is responsible for those functions.”

Other topics covered in this first half-hour of the interview are:

U. S. Attorney’s role in the War on Terrorism.
Illegal immigration and the U. S. Attorney’s discretionary powers.
Large conglomerate law firms and their role in controlling government policy and business

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