The Full Disclosure Network® presents a seven minute preview video featuring Part 4 and 5 from an on going series on Gangs and how local government deals with the growing threat of violence in the their community.

This Part 4 and 5 of the series features:

  • KEVIN JAMES, Former U.S. Prosecutor and Radio Personality
  • DARYL GATES, Former Los Angeles Police Chief
  • JACK WEISS, Los Angeles City Councilman
  • REV. JEFF CARR, L.A. Deputy Mayor and Gang Czar

Here are some the points covered in the six segments of the series:

  • L A City Council Public Safety Committee held a hearing to consider a resolution to reform LAPD Police “Special Order 40” because due to concerns it was protecting illegal alien gang members.
  • Councilmember Jack Weiss is accused of bias due to the long delay to hold a hearing and the inequity in allotting time to citizens speaking.
  • Protesters intimidate the Councilmember Ed Reyes who was expected to support the motion of Councilmember Zine
  • Hearing is dubbed a “charade” when the council committee fails to take a vote.
  • Fearful of retaliation by gang supporters, two days after the hearing, Council passes resolution praising the gang supporters who testified at the hearing.

The Full Disclosure Network® Gang series continues with the next episodes number 6 and 7 will feature former LAPD Chief who explains the history and intent of enacting SPECIAL ORDER 40 regarding police policy on illegal immigrants.

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