Program Preview:

Deputies Function as Gang Members
L. A. Sheriff Dept. Lt. Patrick Gomez reveals how the standards were lowered to get “bodies into the LASD academy,” with candidates allowed to retest over and over until they pass. He said this is why there are problems with inmate and personnel assaults. Gomez divulges that of the 500 deputies, half are gang members who feel they are elite, running the third floor as a gang, abusing and beating inmates, and even getting Viking tattoos. He describes how Baca and Tanaka transferred background investigators, bringing in their own crew to approve over two thousand unqualified deputies.

Terror Tactics and Threats By Sheriff’s Department
L. A. Sheriff Dept. Lt. Patrick Gomez reveals the terror campaign waged against him and his wife and children for eight-and-a-half years because he ran for Sheriff in 2002. He divulges the vicious threats made by phone, spreading lies to his neighbors, attempting to set up his son to receive stolen property, harassing his wife by phone and at her job, cars parked outside the home, and the emotional fear experienced by his children. Gomez said he reported all of these actions to the FBI, and that he knew it was the sheriff’s department behind these threats.

Illegal Practices & Dire Consequences
L. A. Sheriff Dept. Lt. Patrick Gomez discusses the distribution of condoms to gay inmates, and while illegal, the practice is allowed even though Baca claims it isn’t allowed and looks the other way. He states that it’s a public health issue if inmates come into the jail system, not HIV positive, and then test positive upon leaving jail. Gomez explains that Tanaka, the Mayor of Gardena, has a lot of money in his campaign war chest, and charges that if Tanaka is elected, things will get much worse and the FBI will have to come in and take over. He also predicts more lawsuits against the department if Tanaka wins, and the Sheriff decides if a case gets settled. Gomez asserts that the public should know settlements, discipline, and expect transparency from their sheriff.

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