You can watch all three full segments of this program below:

Todd Rogers, Assistant Sheriff to LASD Sheriff Lee Baca, and candidate for Sheriff discloses evidence that Sheriff Lee Baca tried to influence the election after he resigned. In this Segment 4 of 6, Rogers notes that Baca very actively raised funds for his close friend and Sheriff’s candidate Commander James Hellmold, and asked Rogers to drop out of the race at the eleventh hour and become Interim Sheriff.

Todd Rogers, LASD Assistant Sheriff describes the media bias in favor of particular Sheriff’s candidates supported by the downtown Los Angeles political elite.  This is the 5th  segment of 6 in an FDN interview with Rogers covering the 2014 race for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Segment 6 with Todd Rogers, LASD Assistant Sheriff  who reveals that Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, the front-runner candidate for LA County Sheriff, is presiding over a $10 million lawsuit against the Long Beach Police Department, due to his officers being caught on video fatally shooting an individual who was suspected of a misdemeanor crime. Rogers also describes the commanding role that Sheriff Baca played in failures in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

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