Los Angeles, CA On March 8, 2008, an 18th Street gang member shot and killed 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw, II, a popular high school football star just three doors from his home. The news that the accused killer, Pedro Espinosa, was an illegal alien who had been released from L. A. County jail, after serving only four months on assault and weapons charges, outraged the Shaw family and sent shock waves throughout the community.

In a Full Disclosure Network® special series, Jamiel Shaw, Sr. and U.S. Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, parents of the murder victim, describe the circumstances of the cold-blooded shooting in their neighborhood. They also reveal the unusual and unexpected reactions from elected officials and law enforcement following their endorsement of a new law (Jamiel’s Law) to change the lenient city policy that prohibits police officers from enforcing immigration law or verifying the immigration status of gang members.

Some of the developments described by the Shaws are:

  • The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office pressured the Shaw’s to stop criticizing the City’s controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” immigration policy known as LAPD’s Special Order 40.
  • Los Angeles City Council members attempted to silence Shaw family members from speaking before the Council and urged them to drop their opposition to Special Order 40.
  • Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee informed the Shaws that the D.A.’s office was prepared to claim the murder was gang-related and in order to do so, the DA would contend that their son was a gang member.
  • The Shaws detail their outrage regarding the Deputy District Attorney’s stated intentions to tarnish their popular son’s reputation. They cite the facts that their son had no gang affiliations, no police records whatsoever and to the contrary was praised as a role model by teachers and all who knew him.

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