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Segment 1  Ernie Norris is a retired L A Deputy DA of Los Angeles County who now is a Judicial Watch attorney who is seeking justice.  He describes the bad public policy that results from arrogant judges. The impending disaster with 40,000 felons being released from California Prisons due to a judicial decision.  Will the public be impacted by this massive release.  Norris explains what might happen

Segment 2   Ernie Norris discusses the battle to restore the death penalty.   He fears the release of felons from California Prisons will soon create dangerous conditions all because Judges are abusing their power and plea bargaining with violent criminals.    Judicial Watch attorney Paul Orfanedes reflects on whether or not judges should be disciplined when they stray from the Rule of Law.

Segment  3  When judges abuse their authority while sitting on the bench, then the California Commission On Judicial Performance should discipline the judges,   Ernie Norris describes what should happen to keep the judges in line.  He is the Director of the Judicial Monitoring Project for Judicial Watch organization.   Paul Orfanedes, litigation Director for Judicial Watch describes the Sturgeon vs LA County Case that held the illegal payments to Judges were Unconstitutional.

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