The Full Disclosure Network® presents a three-minute Video News Blog featuring a 1998  audio response from the official spokespersons for the Los Angeles County District Attorney  Sandy Gibbons and the L.A. Superior Courts  Geri Ann Hazlet clearly stating, the L A County policy regarding illegal immigrants (undocumented persons) who seek services from their agencies.

According to Steve Ipsen, President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, criminal alien gang members and U.S. Citizens, who are released on probation, must have the approval of the District Attorney’s office. and in fact, as part of the probation is ordered to “stay in the United States” while on probation.

Following the March 2, 2008, murder of a popular high school football star, Jamiel Shaw, II, a criminal gang member by the name of Pedro Espinosa, was arrested for the crime. Espinosa had been early released from L. A. County jail after serving four months on assault and weapons charges. Neither the District Attorney’s office or the Courts raised any questions as to whether or not he should be removed from the country. The L. A. County Sheriff’s Department failed to notify Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) that Espinosa was in the country illegally.

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