Los Angeles, CA Full Disclosure® presents a preview of a unique two-part interview with former LA Sheriff Sergeant Richard Valdemar and then contrasted with the actual experience of freelance journalist and national security expert Janet Levy who toured Guantanamo Bay’s infamous detention center. Also included are Full Disclosure’s exclusive clips from an interview with jailed attorneyRichard I Finefrom L A County Central Men’s jail. You’ll learn first hand of the severe treatment of Dr. Richard I Fine in the custody of L A County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca.

LASD Sgt. Richard Valdemar was the supervising Sergeant during the custody of newspaper reporter William T. Farr during the Charles Manson case who worked for both the Los Angeles Times and Herald Examiner during the trial. He was held in “coercive confinement” for civil contempt of court for 47 days and won a 1974 U S Supreme Court Decision held that no person could be held over 5 days in “Coercive Confinement” for civil contempt of court.”

This two-part series reveals the contrasting jail policies and conditions that existed when William T. Farr was jailed versus those of Richard I. Fine who has been held illegally for fourteen months and details how the elected officials and judges can abuse their power to selectively punish political prisoners.

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