In an eight-minute Internet video preview of a Full Disclosure Network interview LAPD Chief William Bratton, covers controversial issues and reveals surprising predictions.

In this no-holds-barred interview conducted by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton, Chief Bratton provides his perspective on the following controversial issues:

The future of the costly Federal Consent Decree
Special Order 40: Prohibits LAPD officers asking anyone if they are here legally
Politicizing of the LAPD and politics of the budget process
New York versus L.A. on “homeless” issues and “dumping” homeless on skid row
Police pursuits, officer-involved shootings
Police Commission vs “Use of Force Board” on the Devon Brown shooting
Issuing Concealed Weapon Permits (CCWs) to individuals

Chief Bratton told Full Disclosure even though after five years the Federal Consent Decree was supposed to go away, much of the mandated operations would become a permanent part of the department’s operations. Four years ago he predicted the cost of the Federal Consent Decree would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars for a five year period. Now, he says that it should be looked at as an “investment” as much of it will remain in place, even after the Federal Judge finds the Department in compliance.

In this two-part Full Disclosure Network interview Bratton was asked about the decision of the Police Commission to overrule his recommendation on the Devon Brown shooting where they found the shooting to be “out of policy” and the department “Use of Force Board” found it to be “in policy”. Bratton explained the Police Commissioners, who sit in judgment on officer involved shootings and “use of force” incidents, are not required to have knowledge or experience in police operations, but that they made a “good faith” effort in this case.

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