Los Angeles, CA. District Attorney Steve Cooley and officials of the Los Angeles Unified School District are still covering up criminal behavior and dangerous conditions, according to Ed Scott, a former member of the D.A.’s Belmont Task Force investigation of the ongoing Belmont High School construction project.

Scott pointed out that although his name and those of other expert’s were used in the District Attorney’s March 2003 Final Investigative Report on Belmont “at no time did anybody from the District Attorney’s office ask us to review the findings of this report or ask us to concur with the findings of this report.” In describing the Belmont investigation Scott said that the LAUSD removed consultants who questioned operations and procedures and replaced them with people who would produce desired results
Los Angeles, CA. District Attorney Steve Cooley has yet to make public the “secret report” he cited as proof there are no environmental risks on the LAUSD Belmont Learning Center site. According to Ed Scott who served on Cooley’s Task Force investigating Belmont, a member of the District Attorney’s staff hired the consulting company who prepared the report without the guidance from oil, gas, and environmental experts serving on the investigation Task Force.

When asked why the District Attorney would not want to reveal the results of the environmental report, Scott said he was more concerned about why the Task Force experts investigating Belmont never saw the report. Based upon references in Steve Cooley’s 2003 Final Investigative Report on Belmont, Scott said it appears they didn’t actually do soil sampling and soil testing which would determine if methane gas and hydrogen sulfide or other dangerous chemicals and carcinogens are present.

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