Los Angeles, CA. In a nine minute video blog USC Professor Murray Fromson, formerly with CBS news and AP argues “What’s wrong with the Left?…That’s what I want to know. The whole hunt for communists, pro communists, socialists, liberals, lefties as if there is something unpatriotic about Americans who express a point of view that is different from the existing policy of the government.” This debate between the network veteran and media critic Brent Bozell television commentator on FOX News Channel is set to be launched as a video blog on the Full Disclosure Network™ Internet website on Monday, November 14, 2005, world wide 24/7 free on demand.

Bozell, president of the Media Research Center described as unscrupulous news reporters who step over the line when they participate in news analysis or become a part of the stories they have written. Fromson disagreed with Bozell saying that reporters and journalists are basically the same except journalists are trained not to be emotional. In describing the left vs. right journalism feud, Fromson said he felt there was “a hang over from the McCarthy period, from the hearings in the House Un-American Activities committee.”

Fromson who served as a news correspondent during the Vietnam war rebutted Bozell, who maintains that the public no longer trusts the news media and that reporters are biased. Each offers a contrasting view on investigative journalists and their motives. Video clips for this debate were taken from two separate, one-hour interviews with Bozell and Fromson and is moderated by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton whose Full Disclosure Network™ is featured on 40 cable television systems for the past twelve years and video streamed over the Internet for the past two years.

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