Los Angeles, CA California’s prison system has been condemned in a 400 page report that to this day has been basically concealed from the public. The report, of the Corrections Independent Review Panel cost the State over a million dollars and took five months of intensive investigations to complete, was presented to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Department of Corrections in June of 2004. Heading the review panel was former California Governor George Deukmejian, appointed by the Governor to investigate the Department of Corrections with the assistance of a cadre of law enforcement experts representing many agencies and associations. Here is the Fact Sheet posted on the Department of Corrections website.

The Full Disclosure Network® presents this ten minute video presentation featuring Joe Gunn, Executive Director of Corrections Independent Review Panel told FDN host Leslie Dutton the prison system was in “chaos, a disaster and total disarray”. This is the second in a series of FDN video news blogs covering the ongoing crisis in California’s jail and prison system. DVDs of the series are available for purchase.

Here are a few of the many points covered in the video and report:

  • The panel spent months reviewing reports and materials from Office of Inspector General, Little Hoover Commission, State Auditor.
  • Interviewed current and former members of Governor’s Staff, State Legislators, current and former members of Department of Corrections staff, California Youth Authority, Office of Inspector General staff, members of the Little Hoover Commission, leadership of the CCPOA (prison guards association), experts in the field and concerned citizens, totally 470 people altogether.
  • The panel presented 239 recommendations to reform the state’s correctional system.
  • Listed as some of the major problems are: Ethics, “code of silence”, Union/labor contracts and influence over management, union campaign donations, use of force, accountability, and youthful offenders.

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