The Full Disclosure Network® presents a six minute preview of a four-part special series featuring prominent luminaries and civic leaders who describe reasons why they have joined the battle ahead to bring back public access channels in L.A. they are: Seven time Emmy Award winner Ed AsnerVin Di Bona the Executive Producer of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Stanley Sheinbaum Former U C Regent & ACLU First Amendment Advocate, Ron Kaye, a long-time Editor L A Daily News and B. Scott Minerd Chief Investment Officer Guggenheim Partners and David R. Hernandez, Civic Activist. The series is hosted by Emmy Award winner Leslie Dutton.

Los Angeles, CA The loss of all the public access cable channels in Los Angeles shocked the entire community including many of the Hollywood personalities and industry professionals got their start on the public access television. Many of them have come together with local cable producers to restore what was lost following an ugly legislative battle in Sacramento in 2006, where the telecom and cable companies in collusion with government officials killed the public access channels Los Angeles.

The documentary series also features the never reported testimony of L A City officials and public access producers in as they appeared in the official debate prior to the City’s decision to shut down the channels.Others appearing in the are community cable producers and operators across the nation who tell Full Disclosure Network the benefits of public access programming to the community, they are: Ron Cooper of Sacramento Access,
Elaine AlstonJames Caviness and Robert Sherreta of DCTV and Los Angeles City Councilman Bill RosendahlArthur Pomaand Steve Creeger all former cable company operatives.

There are twelve segments in the Documentary that explain the purpose of Public Access television, the history, the battle ground and hope for the future battle to save this valueable public asset. Here is a preview of the first program:

Program #572
Segment #1 (8 min) “LA Public Access TV Fight Gains Interest Across America”

Segment #2 (8 min) “Unique Content and Issues Ignored By Commercial Media”

Segment #3 (8 min) “Cities Drop Public Channels But Keep Franchise Fees Intended For PEG Channels”

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