Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick has dropped some clues as to how she would approach an audit of the massive Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in a one hour interview with Full Disclosure® host Leslie Dutton. A free eight (8) minute preview offers a glimpse into the aggressive tactics to be used by Chick who is serving the last 3-1/2 years of her second term.

Controller Chick described the multi-b/illion dollar annual budget of the school district and cited the need to assure the public the money was being used properly. Full Disclosure® has reported on previous programs the LAUSD has received $27 Billion in local bonds and state matching funds over the past seven years, while enrollment in the district was declining.

Among the potential audit items and issues discussed by Laura Chick in the 8 minute preview are:

Necessity for the school district to disc/lose the amount of interest paid for financing the controversial and incomplete Belmont Learning Complex. Belmont was funded by $92 million in Certificates of Participation (COPS) bonds six years ago, without a vote of the people, Chick said the taxpayers deserve to know what the money was used for.
She expressed concerns about the separation of Church and State with regard to allegations received by Belmont prosecutor Anthony Patchett that LAUSD had been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to various Catholic church charities. She indicated an audit should reveal what benefit the public was getting for such an expenditure and it should be disclosed what the Catholic church was doing for the LAUSD.
What caused her to drop her support of former Mayor James Hahn for re-election following her audits of the Los Angeles Airport and Harbor Commission contracts where “Pay to Play” issues were raised.
Need for the public to communicate to the LAUSD Board Members about the need for an audit.

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