Los Angeles, CA In a two-part interview with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Full Disclosure Network® host Leslie Dutton discovers the reasons why he is considered the “Toughest Sheriff In America” and the only one to be arresting illegal immigrants who are smuggled into his county. A six (6) minute video preview of this interview is available for viewing now, FREE, “on demand” 24/7, as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network®. Also included in the video is an interview with Giles Liddell, II one of the Sheriff’s Posse members who explains why he volunteered to arrest illegal immigrants.

Here are some of the issues covered in the one hour interview:

  • Sheriff Joe’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) background. He is known for his infiltration and investigation of drug cartels and he headed operations in both Mexico and Turkey. He has worked with both the President and Attorney General and dealt with Panama’s Noriega and officials in Argentina, just to name a few assignments.
  • Now he arrests Illegal immigrants. Under a new anti-smuggling state law, Sheriff Joe is the only law enforcement official, arresting illegal immigrants under the new law. He is building new jails to accommodate them and has 3,000 posse members who are authorized to enforce the law.
  • Maricopa County is the nation’s 2nd largest Sheriff’s Office. He employs 3,500 people, 900 of them sworn deputies. He has 10,750 inmates, many of whom are housed in his infamous Tent Jail City, wear pink underwear and serve on chain gangs in public display as part of a program to deter recidivism. He urges the inmates to “Never come back”.
  • Meals for inmates cost 30 cents a day: Sheriff Joe brags that he spends $1.00 a day for meals for each of the rescued dogs and cats that he keeps in air conditioned facilities while the two meals a day he provides to the human inmates only costs 30 cents each, apparently to discourage inmates from returning.
  • Nice Guy or Tough Guy? Sheriff Joe does not want to be called a nice guy he wants to be called tough. However, he has the only jail facility to offer inmates a program to obtain their GED (high school) diplomas. He has an aggressive drug rehabilitation program and parenting classes for them as well.

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