The Politicians #11

Traffic Gridlock Disaster in LA

Traffic Pipe Dreams

Topics: Traffic

Cost of Traffic Congestion #1

Duration: 8:55

Money down a rathole

Is Over-Development the Problem? #2

Duration: 13:58

Are Developers Causing Traffic Gridlock?

Why Was Measure M Doomed to Failure #3

Duration: 12:49

Citizens vs the Power Brokers

Money Wasted #4

Duration: 16:48

Transportation Bureaucrats Burning Billions

What the Professionals are Planning #5

Duration: 15:09

Be warned: it's not for your convenience!

LA Metro Creating Gridlock #6

Duration: 18:10

Is it intentional?

Why is the Problem Never Solved? #7

Duration: 18:24

No matter how many bonds we approve.

What is Wrong with LA? #8

Duration: 10:15

LA's Traffic Madness

Who Plans for Events and Disasters? #9

Duration: 15:03

Are we ready?

The Thomas Plan #10

Duration: 11:25

Traffic Gridlock Remedy?

The Politicians #11

Duration: 13:31

Traffic Pipe Dreams

Metro Monster #12

Duration: 8:08

Cost Overruns

LA Mis-Directs Traffic #13

Duration: 5:04

Senator Attacks LA Traffic Plan

Cal Trans: Model of Inefficiency #14

Duration: 8:01

State Senator John Moorlach blames the unions for the waste and mismanagement of Cal-Trans, the organization that spends $500 million to maintain and upgrade the disastrous roadways and state highways in California.

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